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Lice Free Guarantee

Our 35 Day Lice-Free Guarantee is the longest anywhere, we are that confident in the quality of our service.

Want MORE peace of mind? If we treat your home as well with our head lice housecleaning service we offer an unheard of 90 Day Lice-Free Guarantee.

There is no one else offering this level of guarantee, our lice removal service is the best value around



 Lice Treatment Cost

Our Lice Removal Treatment Cost of ​$93/HR ($1.55/min prorated)* is the lowest anywhere. We are totally dedicated to providing the best value of any lice removal service anywhere.

We use a nit comb to check every centimeter of your hair, so that we can give you a 100% reliable diagnosis. Quick, “dry-checks” can not reliably diagnose the presence of nits. Only a thorough comb-thru can be relied upon.

*Cost may vary in SF Bay & NYC areas

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