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Take the Proactive Stance Against Head Lice

Every parent’s worst nightmare is an unfortunate reality when lice gets involved. If you discover head lice – get proactive immediately! Left untreated, it can become a serious problem.

Prevention is always better than lice treatment, which is why adopting a proactive attitude is a good idea when little kids are involved. If you are well versed in the signs and symptoms of a possible head louse infestation and are tuned into what you should be looking for, you are already better equipped to handle, treat and eliminate their presence before it has the chance to present a real threat.

Take note that, depending on the sensitivity of the host, head louse parasites may take days, weeks or even months before presenting symptoms. While it may not bother some people immediately, others with more sensitive skin may suffer from such severe itching that leads to aggressive scratching. This may break the skin and lead to infection. These infections may lead to oozing clear fluid or scabbing on the affected parts.

The most common areas that head lice are found are on the back of the neck and behind the ears. Once a problem has been detected, select a safe course of treatment & stay away from products at your local pharmacy. For those seeking a natural and safe solution, Organic Lice Guru offers their service at one of their lice treatment centers. We can also come to your home to treat your family.

Think like a Guru

You can even purchase some of Organic Lice Guru’s natural products. They can assist in preventing a sever infestation. Our hair repellant spray can help keep those pesky bugs away. The shampoo and conditioner can be useful in cleaning and making it easier to comb though the hair. The essential oils we use in our products not only smell great, but soothe an itchy scalp. Lice cannot stand the essential oils we use.

Our company offers a unique combination: the expertise and resources of a national lice removal services company combined with the accessibility and personal touch of a local business. We will eradicate your problem today; we guarantee it! Call 858-356-2686 for more information or visit our locations page to learn more at Take the head lice – get proactive stance – before the problem spreads from one family member to another.