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Head Lice Services

We get rid of ALL of your lice and nits. 

Mobile Lice Removal

We bring our professional
lice removal in-home to you. Discreet and convenient.

Lice Treatment Salons

Come to one of our relaxing, kid-friendly lice removal clinics near you.  

School & Camp Screenings

We come to your school or camp and screen for head lice infestations.

Head Lice Housecleaning

We are the industry’s foremost experts on head  lice housecleaning.

Pediatrician's #1 Choice

We pride ourselves on our all-natural process and organic product line, which is safe for all ages including, pregnant women, breast-feeding moms and infants. Founded by a mom with a Masters in Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine, no other company takes your family’s health more seriously than Organic Lice Guru.

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Have questions? We are here to answer all of your lice related questions. 

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