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“Back in my day, lice were treated by dousing kerosene and setting hair on fire… It was effective in removing hair alright, which means no head lice!”

The above is a purely fictional account yet there is one truth mixed in between the hilarity when talking about lice removal methods used today.

Parents still use kerosene in their children’s head to get rid of lice! We all know the dangers of kerosene and other toxic chemicals used specifically for lice removal… or do we?

Dangers of Lice Removal Shampoos
The first step parents usually take when faced with lice infestation is head to a pharmacy and buy specially formulated lice removal shampoo.

Lice shampoos are generally featured in two categories:

Chemical treatments
Natural and in-home lice treatments
Chemical based lice removal treatments come in over-the-counter lice removal products. These chemical treatments are applied topically on the head.

OTC lice removal products can also be bought in lotion form.

Pediculicide is the fancy name given for “insecticide used on lice”… it’s basically a chemical that kills head lice by attacking their nervous systems and poisoning them!

In Actuality, OTC Lice Treatments Aren’t Effective
Pesticide based lice removal treatments have featured in US households for lice removal since years. In fact, this is the go-to option for oblivious parents!

Research shows lice have developed resistance against such chemicals, bringing in a new breed of critters called super or mutant lice.

Are Chemical Treatments Dangerous for Health?
Not only is the effectiveness level incredibly low but lice removal products are also dangerous to your health. Lindane and permethrin, two active chemicals found in most treatments, are also highly toxic.

Permethrin is a potentially carcinogenic neurotoxin that causes the following side effects:

Runny or stuffy nose
Skin irritation or burning
Scalp irritation or burning
More and more parents cannot find the time to comb their child’s hair due to work and other commitments. This is the main reason why many choose to use chemical based treatments in the first place!

However, growing resistance against chemicals is making this treatment useless and ineffective not to mention incredibly hazardous. Which coined the term “super lice.” There is no difference from a normal louse and a super louse today. The term is from the resistance the lice have developed over the years of chemical treated methods.

Our method of using organic products is not safe on your head, but on the environment. Our comb through process is the best way to remove the nits and lice from your head. Manual nit and lice combing always saves the day when it comes to thorough lice removal!

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