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Life Cycle Of Lice

Life Cycle Of Lice

The head lice lifecycle is much slower than an average bacteria or virus. An infestation starts with one or two bugs and takes a week to hatch a second generation of lice.

Typical Life Cycle of Head Lice

    1. Lice egg (Nit) is laid on the hair shaft
    2. Lice egg (Nit) hatches in 6-7 days
    3. Baby louse (Nymph) has First moult 2 days after hatching
    4. Second moult 5 days after hatching.
    5. Third moult 10 days after hatching, now a full-grown adult louse.
    6. Male and slightly larger female begin to reproduce
    7. Female lays first eggs 2 days after mating
    8. Female lays 4-8 eggs a day for the next 16 days and then dies


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