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and Lice Cleaning Services

We Do The Whole House AND Your Cars In A Few Hours.

90 Day Guarantee!


2 Bedroom Home – $450
3 Bedroom Home – $600
4 Bedroom Home – $750
5 Bedroom Home – $900

Each Lice Cleaning Package Includes:

  • Stripping of all bedding
  • Bagging of all bedding
  • Cleaning and spraying of bed pillows
  • Cleaning and spraying of mattresses
  • Cleaning of living room throw pillows
  • Bagging of living room blankets
  • Bagging of infested jackets and sweatshirts
  • Cleaning of hats and helmets
  • Bagging of stuffed animals
  • Infested hair-care items frozen in ziplock bags
  • Delousing and spraying of infested furniture
  • Delousing of floors
  • Delousing of infested vehicles​
  • Spraying of infested vehicles​
  • 1st load of laundry started
  • All infested materials bagged and labeled by room for client

Get Our 90 DAY GUARANTEE! When You Choose Our “Heads & Home” Combo Package

When you combine our Professional Lice Removal & Head Lice House Cleaning services, you get a peace of mind and a level of service that is literally unavailable anywhere else in the industry. No one else offers such a comprehensive lice eradication service, bar none. When you pair our affordable prices with our unprecedented “90 Day Lice Free Guarantee” it’s clear why Organic Lice Guru is the #1 lice removal service in San Diego!

* All lice and nits are gone from your families heads and your home in One visit.
* Expert head lice cleaning services for everything in your home.
* We use Green cleaning products.
* Same-day appointments.
* We come to you!

How Long Will It Take Me To Get Rid Of Lice From My House On My Own?

The average family with a lice infestation spends a minimum of ​8-12 hours doing laundry and cleaning.

And sadly after all that, many of them don’t succeed and a couple weeks later they have another lice infestation on their hands. This is what the lice are counting on when they leave their nits everywhere! Due to popular demand, we now offer head lice house cleaning service to our clients, so they can sleep soundly after we get rid of their head lice, because they know for sure that we have eradicated 100% of the lice from their homes and vehicles.

If your kids get head lice does it mean you’re a bad housekeeper? Of course not!  Your average cleaning job often doesn’t get rid of lice once they have taken hold, and head lice can still thrive in a clean house. Eradicating lice in the home is all about knowing where they hide and how they survive and breaking those cycles with the proper combination of time-tested techniques. That’s how we can guarantee our services for 90 days*.

Dreading the lengthy process of cleaning of your house, vehicles and personal items after a head lice infestation?

Our 10+ years of expertise in the eradication of head lice has led us to develop 100% effective techniques for removing head lice from your entire home. In just a few short hours, our team can ensure your home is lice-free for 90 days, guaranteed*!

Why stress or strain? Organic Lice Guru will kill the pain!

Skip the stressful housecleaning marathon and leave it to our experts to leave your home, vehicles and personal items lice-free. Then you can save your energy for more enjoyable activities, like taking your family out to dinner or relaxing with a good book. You deserve it!



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