35 Day Lice-Free Guarantee

  • Our 35 Day Lice-Free Guarantee is the longest anywhere!
  • Want MORE peace of mind? If we treat your home as well with our head lice housecleaning service we offer an unheard of 90 Day Lice-Free Guarantee!
  • Everyone who lives in your home must be checked and/or treated if necessary during the first visit for the 100% Lice-Free Guarantee to be valid.
  • Anyone who has lice or nits during the first visit will require one follow-up appointment within 4-6 days. This typically takes 1/2 as long as their first treatment and is billed at the same hourly rate.
  • If you have completed the above steps and you still find lice or nits on your child after the final visit (almost never happens, but IF) – please save it in a baggie and send us a picture immediately. MOST times someone thinks they still have nits it is actually something else totally harmless like dandruff or sand. That’s why we are here, to ease your mind with our professional expertise! If by some slim chance you do find actual lice, we will treat the problem. Even if you got it back from a friend, and it’s nothing to do with us, we will treat you again….free of charge!


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