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Essential Oils & Head Lice Treatment: What Do The Studies Say?

Dear clients, friends and supporters of the lice-free lifestyle, Every day, we get questions regarding the use of essential oils in the battle against head lice. For those curious about some of the scientific evidence regarding the use of essential oils in the prevention and treatment of head lice.  This article from the American College […]

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Head Lice & Birthday Parties – Nits Are Not A Gift!

Dear Parents, I often care for about 30 lice-riddled families per week, so I hear a lot of stories about how the bugs spread across San Diego and North County. The one that really gets me is birthday parties! Yes, BIRTHDAY PARTIES. It’s just too much. I feel so bad for both the hosts and […]

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Lice Eggs or Dandruff…Scratching your head?

Lice Eggs, Head Lice All How do I know whether it’s Lice Eggs/Nits or Dandruff?   There is a lot of confusion out there when parents are checking their kids, and one thing that is especially hard for most people to identify is whether those little white things you find are Lice Eggs/Nits or Dandruff. First […]

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