Pricing For Lice Treatment Services


Lice Removal Treatment Cost: ​$99/HR ($1.65/min prorated)

Our hourly rate is the lowest around and we are the ONLY service that prorates down to the minute so you don’t pay for ANY unused time! No more 15 minute blocks!


Head Checks: $15-$45 (depending on length/texture*)

We use a nit comb and an all-natural solution based on essential oils to check so that we can give you a 100% reliable diagnosis. Quick, “dry-checks” can not reliably diagnose the presence of nits. Only a thorough comb-thru can be relied upon. If we find lice, we begin treatment immediately and the fee for the minutes used for the head check are rolled-into your total treatment time. You will NOT be double charged for the time it takes to do the check. The check is a light version of a full treatment so by checking you, we have begun treatment. If we do find anything, you’ve already paid for some of it to be treated!

*extra-long and/or very-curly hair may require special attention to check and may be quoted on a case-by-case basis.


How Much Will YOUR Treatment Cost?

It depends on the amount of hair and severity of infestation, so the below number are estimates based on average clients, but for a quick reference guide, please view the list below. For a truly accurate quote it is to call us and describe your situation to one of our experts, thanks to 10+ years of dealing with lice emergencies big and small, we will be able to give you a much more accurate estimate over the phone.


Typical “Per-Person” Lice Removal Costs*

  • Extra Short Hair $50

    (Won’t pull into ponytail or boy cut)

  • Short Hair $75

    (Above the shoulders)

  • Medium Hair $100

    (Past shoulders but above mid-back)

  • Long Hair $130

    (Mid-back length)

  • Extra Long Hair $160

    (Between mid-back and waist)


Organic Lice Guru’s prices for lice treatment are the most affordable, but that’s not all you should consider.

Whether a company quotes a higher or lower hourly rate, find out how long it takes to check a person’s head; less experienced service providers may take several hours per head. In addition, make sure there are no hidden costs (mandatory follow-up visits, requirements to purchase products, extra fees for  longer hair, etc.)

We charge at a rate of $90 per hour, with no hidden charges or higher rates for additional hours (many services charge up to $125 for the first hour and $105 or more for additional hours, plus travel charges). We don’t charge per head, which can typically be more costly. There is no required product purchase, and no additional fees at all.

*For in-home visits there is a one-time travel fee of $15-50.


We accept cash, check and ALL major credit cards. 

Many Flex Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts also cover lice treatment service.

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The Hidden Cost Of OTC & DIY Lice Treatment

What are the real costs of Do It Yourself  Lice Treatments?

On average an infested person suffers with head lice for 3-6 months. Sadly, they will try an average of 5-7 treatments and spend plenty of money and many hours trying to get rid of their head lice problem.
Typically, mom will go thru Doctor’s visits, multiple rounds of OTC toxic pesticide lice treatments, try some hokey home remedies they read about online, try a few different combs, beauty salon lice products, internet lice products, items tossed unnecessarily, more doctor visits and finally prescription strength pesticide treatments. And still all with no success!
Not to mention the countless loads of laundry, head lice house cleaning and the stress! Lice can bring even the strongest person to tears because it is so tenacious. These are average real costs of head lice based on market research:
*Doctor Visits: $225.00
*Rid Complete Kit: $44.98
*Nix Family Kit: $21.99
*Internet Lice Products, Homemade Remedies, Gadgets, Prevention Products: $130.00
*Prescription Lice Treatments: $255.58
*Replacement hair brushes, combs, hair accessories: $80.00
*Missed Work (3 days missed work on average Based on $60,000 salary): $720.00
*Missed School (Private) (3 days missed school on average based on $10,000 Tuition): $120.00
*Missed after-school activities: $100.00
*Additional Water and Electricity charges due to Extra Laundry and cleaning: $60.00

Total costs: $1,757.55


Immeasurable Costs

Countless Hours of Combing; Countless Hours of Cleaning; Missed Birthday Parties; Missed extracurricular activities: Lack of Sleep, Anger, Depression, Anxiety, Stress on Family; Stress on Marriage; Stress on Friendships; Long Term effects of Toxic Lice Treatment

Using FSA & Insurance Coverage To Pay for Lice Treatment

If you receive treatment from a licensed and certified head lice removal professional, your treatment is most likely covered by your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) if you participated in your company plan. Your treatment may also be covered by Insurance. You will need to call your provider to determine coverage.


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