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As the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs kick off the 2020 Super Bowl at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida home of the Dolphins, on Sunday, February 2, 2020 millions of American’s will be gathering to view the big game. The kick off would not only start off the game, but also an epic Super Bowl Party! Whether for the game, the food, the company, or the great advertisements many people love the atmosphere of joining together for this tremendous occasion.

The truth about Lice

Many fans from across the country gather and cheer for their team while this is a fun occasion lice can be easily spread. Even if it’s never happened before, it’s entirely possible for a family member or friend to bring a case of head lice to your party without anyone knowing it, others may not want anyone to know. Poor hygiene or a dirty home is a stigma most people associate with head lice, but it is just not true. Too many people deal with head lice in silence because they’re self-conscious. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that, “Personal hygiene or cleanliness in the home or school has nothing to do with getting head lice.” When a case of lice isn’t spoken about to anyone, the spread of it can go unchecked. Even if you or your child are treated for head lice, you won’t know who else has it unless someone speaks up. The main reason why people don’t talk about head lice is out of fear: fear of being unfairly judged for being infested, or fear of the nature of head lice itself. Well-known lice treatments often require multiple applications, and, during those treatments, only live bugs are killed.

This means in order to be successful hours and hours of treatments and combing have to take place before all forms of head lice are gone. Not only are there a bunch of harsh chemicals in those products, but they can often leave your hair severely dry after too many treatments. Organic Lice Guru has you covered with our natural products that condition the head. We even offer repellants as your first line of defense against lice.

Some facts of lice

With all the excitement from your team scoring a touchdown it is good to keep in mind lice can only crawl from head to head. They cannot jump from head to head, but you may need to burn your sofa… just kidding. Vacuuming any upholstered furniture that was touched by the head of the infested person within the last 48 hours would get rid of any louse that crawled off. You can share the delicious seven layer dip or fiery wings, but be wary of sharing your hats and beanies since lice can live off human heads for 48 hours. Your fur friends do not have to worry about getting lice.

So, all in all enjoy the football plays, the halftime show, and the good eats and know if you get lice Organic Lice Guru could take care of you. Knowing more about lice can help you feel prepared and less stressed for when it occurs. If you have any further questions or need treatment give us a call today. (858) 356-2686!