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Puerto Rico Lice Treatment & Lice Removal

Organic Lice Guru is the best choice in Puerto Rico for lice removal services.   Our comfortable and serene lice treatment salon is the perfect place for your family to unwind during this stressful time. We also provide mobile lice removal for Dorado, San Juan, Old San Juan, Condado, Miramar, Isla Verde, Carolina & all surrounding areas.  Our in-home nitpicking service is convenient and relaxing, we’ll come to you and eradicate your lice infestation in the comfort of your own home.

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Expertly Trained Lice Technicians

Founded by a health-conscious mom with a Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, we pride ourselves in training our lice technicians in offering all-organic, pain-free, safe and effective lice treatment services. With 10+ years of experience in chemical-free head lice solutions, we’ve literally seen it all. We train all of our employees in our famous all-natural removal methods, always keeping in mind the health of your family and the sustainability of our environment.


100% Lice-Free Guarantee

Once we finish your treatment, you are safe to go back to school/work that same day because you will be nit-free and bug-free (not contagious). We pledge 100% satisfaction. Our 30 day lice-free guarantee* will take away the stress without having to deal with the mess!


Pesticide-free Treatment

Not only have the chemical and prescription products for lice been proven to be harmful, they are often ineffective. You can feel safe about our custom-formulated, pesticide-free head lice products on children of any age. We value the health of our customers and the well-being of our environment.


Kid-friendly Service

You and your children will both be happier if we treat you rather than you doing-it-yourself. Many a parent has tried & failed at the daunting task of treating an entire family. Hard-work & love aren’t enough. Proper training & technique are everything. Our lice treatment is easy on kids & hard on lice. Ask my clients!


Ask About Our Head Lice House Cleaning Service.


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Puerto Rico Lice Treatment – Areas Of Service

San Juan Lice Removal Treament
Condado Lice Removal Treatment
Dorado Lice Removal Treatment
Old San Juan Lice Removal Treatment
Miramar Lice Removal Treatment
Caguas Lice Removal Treatment
Carolina Lice Removal Treatment
Isla Verde Lice Removal Treatment

and all other surrounding cities.


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Organic Lice Guru – Lice Removal Treatment serving Condado, San Juan, Dorado & more.
420 Ashford Avenue,
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00907

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