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How To Stop Nits & Lice From Coming Back

Well friend, we know you are happy to be on the other side of your lice infestation. It left your plans in tatters, your clothes in the laundry, your home in shambles – and your mental health on the brink of collapse…and then it got bad! If you made the decision to call Organic Lice Guru early on, then hopefully it wasn’t too bad, or maybe you spent days/weeks/months battling it out with home treatments, but either way here you are, victorious over the dreaded louse! You should be proud of your efforts, and as professionals we recommend following up with a nice bottle of wine and a book, just to be sure that you’ve gotten rid of all the anxiety!

Sadly, the fight did inflict it’s fair share of battle scars. Chances are you spent a ton of time getting your family lice-free. The costs associated with getting lice are numerous, some very obvious and some hidden; folks take time off of work, replace bed sheets, or make an appointment at Organic Lice Guru. All that adds up to time lost and money spent.

Don’t let lice back into your home!

We know head lice is the last thing you want to think about after all you have dealt with, but prevention is the most important part. With the right approach and the right product (and some expert guidance from Organic Lice Guru), we will ensure those lice never come back.


Step 1: Add Lice Prevention to Your Morning Routine

Daily prevention is essential to ensuring your little ones never bring home lice again. We understand mornings can be frantic, but put down that organic breakfsat smoothie for a few minutes and take this extra time to make sure lice never return, it is well worth it!

Simply add a tiny bit of lice prevention into the morning routine:

Brush hair
Brush teeth
Apply a spritz of Organic Lice Guru Lice Prevention Spray to the scalp line

Step 2: Use Shampoos That Prevent Lice
Tea tree, lavender oil, or coconut oil shampoos can all help prevent the spread of lice. These can be found in many naturopathic stores near you, but the downside is they can sometimes be prohibitively expensive or hard to find. Don’t worry! Organic Lice Guru has you covered with our organic, essential oil-infused lice prevention products.

Lice Prevention Kit

As part of our organic prevention kit, we carry a great shampoo made from all organic ingredients that lice really don’t like (plus some special wisdom from the Guru).


Step 3: Share the Wealth

The more people that use a preventative lice solution, the less chance it has of spreading through a school or summer camp. Maybe your child got it from a friend or, even worse, gave it to someone else; what better way to make amends than by giving the gift of prevention? Full prevention kits include soaps, sprays, oils, and even sometimes laundry detergent.

All of our prevention products can be purchased directly from our website. Or, if you need product right away, you can call or text us now at (858) 356-2686! Most of our products ship the same day, so you can make sure you don’t miss a beat once the lice are gone.

While we love seeing your smiling faces, we don’t want to see you twice in our salon (no offense, we would love to do lunch!). Don’t let another lice outbreak happen to you or your family. Take the steps to effectively prevent lice now, while it is still at the top of your mind!


Don’t wait ’til it’s too late! Get your kit and prevent lice today!

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