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Lice are a nuisance and put everyone with hair at risk of getting them. It is important to know how lice spread and breed in order to help combat them.


Lice start as nits. Nits are eggs that are extremely small. They can often be confused with dandruff or droplets from hairspray. Nits take around a week to hatch and what comes out is a nymph. Nymphs are the size of a pinhead and they go through three different molts. Throughout their molts, they will look like an adult louse but they will just be smaller. It takes the nymph about a week to become a louse after hatching. The adult nymphs can live up to thirty days in your hair and one to two days without a host. The female nymphs can lay up to eight nits per day. As you can tell lice replicate at a very fast rate. Within a couple of weeks, you could have hundreds in your hair.


Lice are able to spread with any hair to hair contact. They can be spread through hugging, sharing combs or hats, cuddling, taking a picture together, and any other position that makes it so your hair is touching someone else’s. As stated before lice can live for up to two days without being on a head of hair, so if you place your head where someone who is infested has then you risk catching them.


Preventing lice sounds simple but in reality, it’s not so much. Knowing that someone has lice can help a lot, but if you don’t know about them then that’s where the issues start. In general, it is a good idea to avoid sharing combs and hats. You can also get one of our repellant sprays that will help prevent lice. The best thing you can do is avoid hair to hair contact with strangers.


The best way to remove lice infestations is to contact professionals. Organic Lice Guru’s comb though treatment is a guaranteed way to get rid of lice. Organic Lice Guru’s treatment is safe and effective. They are able to exterminate 99.9% of lice. Their products are also non-toxic and pesticide-free. If you have an issue with lice, Organic Lice Guru is the best solution.