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Dear Parents,

I often care for about 30 lice-riddled families per week, so I hear a lot of stories about how the bugs spread across San Diego and North County. The one that really gets me is birthday parties! Yes, BIRTHDAY PARTIES. It’s just too much. I feel so bad for both the hosts and the guests when birthday parties are the ground zero for a new head lice epidemic. At least once a month I hear this exact type of story from a client. The birthday girl/boy (or a guest) had lots of head-to-head contact with other kids at their birthday party and then she/he was diagnosed with head lice soon after. It’s heartbreaking.

Don’t let your kid end up crying in their cake! Get checked!

Planning a birthday party is already a lot of work but to be truly thorough and considerate parents need to add another task to the yearly planning process.  Lice check your birthday girl/boy. Do this so that you are sure you are not going to unwittingly spread lice at your own party. It may seem like a pain to have to make an appointment with a professional lice removal service for a pre-party lice check but, if it turns out your kid has an undiagnosed case of lice, you will never be more glad you made an appointment in your life. Because the alternative is you realize after the party that your kid has lice and just potentially exposed all of the people most important to them. That’s a terrible post-party text to have to send out….

Who wants to send this text? No one. Get your child checked.

This doesn’t have to be you. Avoid the hassle!

Have questions about head lice? Want to get a quote, schedule a check or just get some info? Call us now!